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The Final Round of Testing

The last batch of PREZ The Card Game prototypes are being printed and shipped for testing and marketing which means that we are in the final stretch before this game goes live. Up until now, the art has been placeholders of my own design. Now that we've got our final art, it's time to release this game to the world. My checklist of "pre-launch" items is dwindling and my excitement is absolutely peaking.

When we began this project in October of last year, I had no idea how far we would go with it. PREZ began with a blank deck of cards and a Sharpie. From there, we went through and tested at least six versions of the game; many ideas and new concepts were added, dropped, re-added, and improved before we arrived at the final game. Through rounds and rounds of testing, I believe we've finally arrived at completed game. Art is never truly "finished", but there reaches a point where an artist must decide to stop in order for the art to be observed. We've made it.

The purpose of this final round of testing is simply confirming the presentation from our manufacturer. Although I've developed a working relationship with Print Play Games, I want to make sure that the game, upon being opened by it's new owner, arrives in an organized way that looks and feels like a professionally-made game. We're going to sit in on a couple blind test groups and collect some feedback on the box opening and game play. If all goes well, perhaps with a few small changes, we'll be launching the Kickstarter and begin accepting pledges by mid-June.

We can't wait to share PREZ with the world. It feels like it's been such a journey already, but the way I see it, the journey has only just begun.

Austin Boyd | President of Austo Entertainment


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