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Combining elements of classic drinking games, strategy card games, a bit of role-playing, and a sprinkle of U.S. politics, PREZ will top the list as your new favorite party game.  And don't worry, we already know what you're thinking.  Luckily, PREZ is a unique type of party game that doesn't rely on those tacky "truth or dare"-type activities.

The object is simple— play all your cards as fast as you can and don’t end up the ASSHOLE!  At the end of every round, each player is elected a ROLE.  Your ROLE is your position in the "drinking hierarchy", where you can order players below you in rank to drink or fetch you drinks at any time.

Gameplay is simple, but with just enough strategy to keep it competitive. We stirred in a bit of U.S. politics by adding some checks and balances, and put instructions on all the cards to make it stupid easy to pick up and play...Even after drinking a few!


At its core, PREZ was created to spread the joy of a classic drinking game, revamped with solidified rules. Use the link below to download Printable PREZ, a simplified, printable verion of PREZ The Card Game. Once downloaded, print the rule sheet and ROLE cards so you can play (a simplified version of) PREZ with any deck of cards you have available!

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