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Launch Day! 🚀

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE! For the friends and family that have been waiting for this release, we appreciate your patience, but wait no longer! The 30-day Kickstarter campaign has begun, as of today!

Initially, the goal was to launch on my birthday, May 6th, but that quickly became unrealistic as more play-testing was still required. Then, the issue arose that we needed to get the copyright filed to secure my rules and art, as that would all be going public at the time of launch. Once that was all out of the way, I realized the 4th of July was right around that holiday was just TOO perfect to not be PREZ's birthday.

So, we got everything set up as quickly as possible. After reworking the website, making some last minute edits to the Kickstarter video trailer, and updating all our followers on our socials, we made it happen. Sure, could we have taken our time and built up more hype first? Maybe. But were we also already way behind our deadline and are our friends getting anxious for this release? Hell yeah. It was time. I believe the 30-day campaign will give me just enough pressure to start blasting the social media accounts to the point that we will succeed. This campaign is a test of faith and an exploration for me into the world of card games. Can we do it? I believe so. Will it take work? Hell yeah. I'm excited to take all of you reading this on this journey and I'm so happy you're here and enjoying the game so far. Let's play!


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